TeslaAssist: An Android App For Tesla Vehicles


If you’re a Tesla vehicle owner then you know that there is an official Tesla mobile app that can be used to control your vehicle remotely. You might also know that there are third party mobile apps that can make use of Tesla’s HTTP API to get the state of your Tesla vehicle and build features around that.

TeslaAssist is one of those third party mobile apps.


The main idea behind TeslaAssist is that you can control your vehicle like the official Tesla app, but you also get to view and manage the data that is tracked, and make your driving experience more enjoyable.


So what are the features and how do they contribute to the purpose?

  1. Tracks Tesla vehicle state periodically while not driving and while driving (at a faster rate).

Does the app store any personal data on servers?

Not really.

All the data that is tracked is stored on your mobile device. The only data that is stored on the servers is some state related to achievements so that your achievements are not lost even if you decide to uninstall the app and continue later on. The achievements state in the servers are stored in a manner such that attributing the data to a person is impossible from the server’s point of view.

Also, if you do decide to uninstall the app, or even if you want to look at the tracked data, you can export all of the tracked data to some files. After that you can choose to delete all files from the server before logout, thus giving you the option to continue in the future even though all data from the server has been deleted.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It’s free and there are no advertisements embedded in the app.

Where can I get it?

You can get it from Google Play. Here is the link to the Google Play page:

The app is currently in early access. Try it out and give some feedback to improve the app over time.